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Бібі Блоксберг - Магічний космічний пил

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Описание материала:

Every 77 years a comet passes the earth on its orbit. The stardust which it loses as it flies past is important for making witches’ balls. This stardust is collected in an ancient golden dish during a star festival. Bibi and Sheba are supposed to guard the dish but unfortunately it is stolen by one of the witches present. Bibi and Sheba set off to find the thief at once. They suspect Ronda. The grumpy old witch is against using the stardust to make new witches’ balls. But soon it turns out that vain Zeta is the culprit. She wants to use the dust to make a youth potion for herself. Just in time Bibi and Sheba are able to wrest the dish from the vain witch in order to collect the stardust themselves.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:26:03
Автор: Бібі Блоксберг українською