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Papawa - 05 - Papawa Robot | Full Episode |

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Are you a crazy inventor? Are you trying to develop a lethal weapon but your neighbours keep putting spokes in the works? What you need is a decent-sized tranquil laboratory – and guess what… there’s one on Papawa. Behind the bungalow door, the mad inventor finds he has everything he needs to create his lethal weapon. Once he’s finished it, he will conquer the world. Will he fulfil his dream or will the brave islanders prevent him from carrying out his dastardly plans.

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No matter what you wish for: on Papawa you can make it come true… except if you come across one of the islanders, those loveable little being capable of turning any dream you’re your worst nightmare.

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Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:05:59
Автор: BRB Internacional